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Light Goals

Physics – Light Unit Goals

1) What is light?

a) Be able to describe strengths and weaknesses of the two models of light.

b) Be able to give effective examples showing the strengths of each model.

2) How light behaves

a) Colors.

i) What are primary, secondary and complementary colors.

ii) How are colors produced by dispersion, addition and subtraction of light.

b) Reflection

i) What is the law of reflection.

ii) Be able to locate images and make ray diagrams for reflection from flat mirrors.

c) Refraction

i) What is it?

ii) What is Snell’s Law

iii) How did we determine a law for refraction?

iv) Be able to solve problems and draw ray diagrams, including for complete internal reflection.

d) Lenses

i) Be able to draw ray diagrams for converging and diverging lenses.

ii) Identify images as real or virtual.

Sections in book: most of chapters 16-19

Important Dates:

3/21 Particle Model Lab due

4/5 Second Homework Set due

4/11 Fernwood Presentations

4/9 Test

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