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PHYSiCS—you don't want to miss it

The "Take Physics—Understand the Universe" ad campaign dates back to the mid-'90s.

At its inception, it increased Physics enrollment from 4 sections to 6 sections. A minor panic ensued: there were too many students for me to teach. I was offered the opportunity to teach a 6/5ths schedule: 6 periods of instruction and no prep period; close to 200 students and no prep period. The pay would be 120%, though. I turned it down in less than one second.

Some students (juniors and sophomores) had to be denied enrollment in Physics. I was asked to draw names out of a hat. Again, I declined. "But it's your fault! You did all that advertising." I didn't disagree. And I didn't draw the names. The next year we hired a second physics teacher.

That teacher recently retired, and Physics enrollment has declined. As it was for the first 12 years of my career, I'm the only physics teacher at Rio.

I decided it was time to refresh the ad campaign. New slogan, new fonts. But most of the ad content remains unchanged.

Ad 1: Expectations of Entering Freshmen

Ad 2 Series: Wonder (3 pages)

Ad 3 Series: Do These Things (2 pages)

Ad 4 Series: Lies! (2 pages)


As always, I print these to "Neon Paper." This paper has a fluorescent coating on one side. It's very bright. And it's hard to find. Of late, it's not to be found at any of the office supply big-box stores. Nor could I find it at specialty paper warehouse suppliers in Sacramento. Amazon saved the day:

Pacon Neon Bond Copy Paper, 24 lb, Letter, Five Assorted Colors, 100 Sheets

I also produce an ink-draining poster that incorporates Storm Thorgerson's Dark Side of the Moon design, printed at 17"x22". I updated this one, too. My Epson Stylus Pro 3880 is large ink tanks; I can watch the matte black ink level drop during a single print.

Dark Side of the Moon Physics Ad

I also expanded into Français and Español for posting in the school's French and Spanish classrooms.

Ad 2 Series: Français - Español
I translated my original text via Apple's translation widget, than allowed the school's language instructors correct for proper usage/syntax given the context. The only non-English language I ever studied was BASIC. I'm not proud of that, and even that was a long time ago.

DSotM: Français - Español

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