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LIght Unit

Light Unit Goals
1) What is light?
  • Be able to describe strengths and weaknesses of the two models of light.
  • Be able to give effective examples showing the strengths of each model.
2) How light behaves
  • Colors.
  1. What are primary, secondary and complementary colors.
  2. How are colors produced by dispersion, addition and subtraction of light.
  • Reflection
  1. What is the law of reflection.
  2. Be able to locate images and make ray diagrams for reflection from flat mirrors.
  • Refraction
  1. What is it?
  2. What is Snell’s Law
  3.  How did we determine a law for refraction?
  4. Be able to solve problems and draw ray diagrams, including for complete internal reflection.
  • Lenses
  1. Be able to draw ray diagrams for converging and diverging lenses.
  2. Identify images as real or virtual.
Sections in book: most of chapters 16-19

Important Dates:
Homework Sets Due:  3/7, 3/13, 4/4
Refraction Lab due 3/14
 Particle Model Lab due 3/19
Test 4/12
Bev Cleary Presentations4/16

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