Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Curriculum? What curriculum?

This is the final installment of my story of how I got fired from UCN back in 2006. My inexplicable refusal to follow the curriculum was the reason they gave for letting me go. But there's an ironic twist to that story....


That just about covers it except for one small item you might still be wondering about: the mysterious eighth paragraph. I have said already that in seven paragraphs out of eight I am accused of not following the curriculum. What about the eighth paragraph?

In this paragraph Henning describes my very first day of work, going over how I was shown filing cabinets full of material including worksheets, old tests, blueprints, etc. It happens to be the longest paragraph of the entire letter, and yet it doesn’t include any particular complaints against me.  So what is it doing in my letter of rejection?

The eighth paragraph purports to show that the College provided me with all the resources I needed to do my job: which is to say, they basically shoved me in front of a filing cabinet and said “Knock yourself out”. But oddly enough, in the long itenerary of resource materials listed by Henning, there is one item conspicuously absent: a copy of the apprenticeship curriculum! I became aware of this deficiency in November and immediately wrote my supervisor requesting that one be provided. Selwin ignored my request; or to be more precise, he first said that he would get it for me, later said there were complications (what happened is that Murray actually freaked out when he heard I was asking after the curriculum!),  and finally never followed up at all, which was typical behavior on his part. (Everyone who has ever worked with Selwin knows this is true.) The ultimate irony is that the very curriculum which I am accused of not following is a curriculum which the College wouldn’t give me. 

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