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Canvas to Keynote conversions: Year One

Among the cornucopia of benefits that flow from hosting a blog is the production of a post that is certain to mean nothing to anyone but you. You do it because the subject matter is so central to your life that you cannot fathom how devoid of meaning it is to everyone not currently wearing your underwear.

It is in that spirit that I offer an update on the progress I'm making in the process of converting my curriculum materials from Canvas documents to Keynote documents. The history of this issue was discussed in a previous post. In short, I'm converting the onerously voluminous collection of instructional pages from ACD Canvas to Apple Keynote. Each document requires considerable time and energy to convert. The work is painstaking and tedious. But it also keeps each document alive and editable.

I teach two courses: Physics and AP Physics. Each has 12 units. Each unit has three general components of instructional materials: Guides, Jobs, and Labs.

Two courses x 12 x 3 components = 72 folders of documents. Thirty-six for each course. Some folders hold more documents than others.

At the outset, I faced a sea of red. Red indicating a folder with more than three documents remaining to be converted.

After a year of converting documents whenever possible, I've made some headway. More in Physics than in AP Physics. But progress nonetheless.

In Physics 23 of 36 folders are converted: nearly 2/3rds. In AP, only eight of 36 (less than 1/4) folders are done. Completed folders are shown in green. (Orange is "close" and yellow is "really close".)

When it's nothing but green, my work here will be done. At this point, there are miles to go before I sleep.

UPDATE 6/22/13: Progress (Physics: 26/36 done)

UPDATE 7/4/13: The glacier advances (Physics 29/36 complete; first semester clear). Document count added for additional amusement.

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