Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Rush Holt On Physics And Politics

One of the few physicists in the US Congress (I think he and Bill Fosters are the only two left, if I'm not mistaken), Rush Holt has been in the US House of Representatives for quite a few years.

This news article reveals a bit more of his position on several different hot-topic issues.

* On himself:
"I've always been an unusual member of Congress, partly because of my background, partly because of my approach to problems, partly because of my philosophy of governing. … I have a real commitment to the basic principles of equality and liberty."

* On climate change:
"This is an urgent problem. … Climate change has to be dealt with by removing our emphasis on fossil fuels. … We are ruining our planet and killing people by the millions. … How do we do it? We have to keep presenting the facts. Presenting the evidence. And confronting those who would deny the evidence until they would deny it no more. … A transition to more sustainable energy need not be costly. In fact, it could be a real boon to us economically. The sooner we do it, the sooner we can sell the technologies to the world, rather than buy them."
You can read more at the link above.


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