Kamis, 05 September 2013

Physics 30 - Sept 5

Today we finished looking at the course outline and talked about expectations in the class.  After that, we were able to look at some concepts with motion with a very simple activity.  We tried to answer the age old question of whether or not all objects fall at the same rate.  I posed the question to students and then had them perform some sort of experiment to answer the question.  They designed their own experiment to answer the question.

At the end of class we discussed the results of our experiments.  Everybody came up with (already knew) the correct answer.  However this allowed us to have a discussion about how science is performed and the importance of verifying your results.  Also discussed how science needs to be repeatable, meaning other people should be able to repeat your experiment and get the same results.

Tomorrow we will get a chance to go over what the sub covered with you on Wednesday and start getting into some concepts with kinematics.

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