Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

Physics 20 - Oct 21

Today we started our 3rd unit on Refraction.  We covered information on what refraction is and some terminology that goes along with refraction and finally looked at the concept of the index of refraction.  A couple of examples we taken up and Homework 3.1 Part A was assigned.

Reminder of the Unit 2 exam on Wednesday. Make sure to bring a ruler, protractor, calculator and pencil/eraser.  If you want to see the formulas that you will be given, the formula sheet is found in the physics 20 course notes folder.  Look in the Unit 2 folder.

The exam outline is as follows:
-15 Multiple Choice (conceptual in nature)
- Diagrams - Plane Mirror, Curved Mirror (know terminology and how to draw each type of diagram)
- Problem Solving - think about all the different kinds of problems we solved

71 Marks in total

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