Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

Unit Three - Preview Reading

Unit Three - Newton's Laws of Motion

Please either preview chapter 6 in the textbook or read Lessons 1 and 2  (each has 4 parts) at the following link.

Then do the the 6 questions in the new UT homework assignment.  Due Sunday night at 10:00.

Key concepts here are  inertia, force, mass vs. weight, and net force.  When you're reading, make sure you pay attention to what mass, weight and force are.  What are their units?  How are they different?    How do they relate to each other?  Also what is meant by net force and how is it applied in a problem?

One thing to keep in mind when doing the homework is that in question 4 when it says "free fall" this means that Gravity provides the only force.  No air resistance or anything else.

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