Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013

Yes, We Have No WIMPS, So Far

I guess the big news of the week is the result out of LUX that they found no signature of dark matter candidate called WIMPS that was reported elsewhere earlier. The news was important enough that there was even a news piece on the CNN website.

After analysing three months of data taken by LUX, physicists found no
evidence for dark-matter collisions. However, because the experiment is
the most sensitive yet to a range of WIMP masses, LUX has provided
important new information about what dark matter is not. In particular,
LUX is more than 20 times more sensitive than previous experiments when
it comes to detecting low-mass WIMPs – those with masses of about
5–10 GeV/c2

Dark matter remains elusive, at least on earth and for this type. However, up in space, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has a different story, obviously. We still need a better understanding of those excess positron.


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