Jumat, 01 November 2013

Physics 20 - Nov 1

SCRAPBOOKS!!!!!  3 DAYS AND COUNTING!!! Make sure to have yours done by the start of class on Monday!  Remember that this is a major project worth 10% of your overall mark.  Students who are late will lose 10% per day late.  That is 1% of your mark in the class that you lose if you are late.  Don't be late!!

Today we learned about what happens when light enters and leaves a substance when the sides of that substances are parallel.  Light becomes displaced from its original position when this happens.  This is called the lateral displacement.  We went through the steps on how to find the displacement, which involves using Snell's Law to figure out how the refraction occurs at both boundaries.  After we went through one example, Homework 3.3 was assigned but only the questions that involved lateral displacement.  We will do the other half of the homework on Monday with a look at angle of deviation. Homework 3.3 will be due on Tuesday.   Have a great weekend everyone!!

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