Senin, 18 November 2013

Unit 4 - - More topics in Forces - Inclined Planes, Friction, Adding Forces, and Centripetal Acceleration

• Be able to add forces in two dimensions.
• Understand and apply conditions for equilibrium.
• Calculate the frictional force when given the coefficient of friction and vice versa.
• Determine the normal force, and the parallel and perpendicular components of gravity for inclined plane problems and solve for acceleration.
• State and apply equations for centripetal acceleration and force.
• Distinguish between the centripetal force and the fictitious centrifugal force.
• Analyze examples of circular motion in terms of Newton's three laws of motion.

Important Dates
Friction Lab : due Dec. 16
Homework: Nov. 20, Dec. 4,  and Dec. 11, all at 10:00 pm
Unit Test: Dec. 12 and 13

This unit corresponds to parts of chapter 6 and section 7.3 in the book.

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