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Introducing the JMU Physics Podcasts!

Are you teaching a non-calculus freshman physics class or even AP Physics at a High School? Or perhaps you are a student taking the traditional 2-semester survey course in physics and you are looking for help on how to solve a homework problem. For example, perhaps you have struggled with mastering the "right hand rule" to find the magnetic force or still find it difficult to apply Kirchoff's rules to a closed circuit to find the current through a given device. If so, our new JMU Physics Podcasts are just the thing for you!

JMU Physics alumnus Robert Turner (and current Science and Math Learning Center Physics tutor) and I are pleased to introduce a new set of short (~5-10 min) video podcasts covering some of the introductory material found in the 2nd semester of such a course (ie, Physics 150 here at JMU which covers electricity, magnetism, optics, etc). As the semester continues, we will add to this growing library. Our intent is to model for our viewers problem solving techniques that a student can then apply on their own to solve their homework problems. For instructors, these podcasts provide your students with the opportunity to see how they can apply the theoretical material they have learned in class to real physics problems.

Feel free to link to these videos on your blackboard or course website if you are an instructor! And by all means, please email us suggestions if there is particular content that you would like us to cover in a subsequent podcast! Our current library of podcasts (as well as links to them on JMUtube) are listed below.

Shanil Virani

JMU Physics Podcast #1: Current & Circuits

JMU Physics Podcast #2: Simplifying Resistor Circuits

JJMU Physics Podcast #3: Capacitors & Simple Circuits

JMU Physics Podcast #4: Kirchoff Circuit Analysis

JMU Physics Podcast #5: Magnetic Force

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