Jumat, 08 April 2011

Loose Ends and Tidbits

from the University of Wisconsin website

Tonight my colleague Paul Vickers and I will be performing the "science demonstration" show for students who have been accepted to Woodberry for next school year.  It's a cross between a game show, improvisational comedy, and an explosion fest.  If you know of a boy between 7th and 9th grade who might be interested in coming to Woodberry Forest in a few years, stop by and see the show at 8:15.

Now's as good a time as any to post some loose ends and tidbits:

(1) I will be running three week-long summer institutes.  Please join me for one of them!

• NC State University in Raleigh, July 18-22
• UNC Charlotte in, um, Charlotte, July 25-29
• Manhattan College in, um, the Bronx*, August 1-5.

* Manhattan College is just north of the Bronx-Manhattan border.

(2) I spent a lot of time over spring break with Burrito Girl reading xkcd. Useful comics for the classroom include “Converting to Metric” and “Gravity Wells” but probably NOT “Numerical Sex Positions.”

(3) Alexis Brett has listed this blog in his “Top 100 High School Teacher Blogs.” I started writing online in 2005, before everyone and his dog had an online presence, and when there probably weren’t even 100 high school teacher blogs in existence. Alas, my “Nachoman’s Baseball” blog never acquired more than a small but devoted following.

(4) Listen in today, or any day there's a home game, to my audio broadcast of Woodberry Forest varsity baseball. 

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