Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Scheduled to appear on Global Physics Department

Global Physics Department is a group of high school and college physics educators who meet weekly online to discuss physics, physics learning, and physics teaching. GPD uses Elluminate Live which allows for audio, video, white board, and chat communication.

The live event each week begins at 9:30pm (ET) / 6:30pm (PT) and runs for about an hour.

Moderator/instigator, Andy Rundquist of Hamline University, kindly invited me to present and I've been scheduled for Wednesday, March 21. The recent discussion of Modeling Instruction here at The Blog of Phyz apparently brought me to the attention of a Department member. So we'll talk about that.

Sessions are recorded, so you can entertain yourself running through their archives. I've done that and sat in on a live session. (Live sessions are more fun since they are interactive.) The presentation environment, Elluminate Live, does not suffer from lack of stimuli.

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