Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Egg Toss in the District of Columbia!

The AAPT's Summer Meeting was held at my alma mater in 2009. JT Miller, a Michigan high school physics teacher, and I kept showing up to the same sessions and had a few chances to share stories.

He's now enjoying the use of a high-speed digital camera in his new position at E.L. Haynes Charter School in Washington, DC.

His classes recently braved to cold to conduct their version of the Egg Toss competition. Looks like many eggs were sacrificed for the advancement of science!

Teachers and students had a great time with the activity. "It was epic!" enthused Mr. Miller as he shared the video record of this momentumous event. See for yourself:

High-speed clips of Rio students catching tossed eggs can be found here. And Egg Toss: TX was reported in a previous post.

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