Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

"Why I am not a Modeler" at Global Physics Department

We had a nice discussion on "Why I am not a Modeler" at Global Physics Department last night. Thanks toderator Andy Rundquist for helping me navigate the details of Elluminate Live. I was much less klutzy than I would have been otherwise.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Elluminate is a highly interactive, kinetic chat interface. Some people have the requisite skills to present their talk while monitoring the chat feed. I am not such a person. But Andy was kind enough to jump in when questions arose.

As might be expected, the more "face-to-face" live nature of the GPD meeting resulted in a less contentious discussion than the comment threads that followed my original blog posts. I say that without judgment for or against either medium.

In any case, here is the GPD page for the recording of the meeting in case you missed it and wanted to see/hear it.

Global Physics Department 3/21: Dean Baird: Why I am not a Modeler

(Andy's title of "modeling smackdown" is more a use of colorful language employed with good humor among colleagues than it is an accurate description of my actual talk.)

Go straight to the recording!

Next time, I'll learn to scale down my Keynote preso to correctly fit into Elluminate's whiteboard space.

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