Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Invisible Mercedes-Benz

Hey, who needs all the trouble of cloaking devices using narrow-band metamaterials when you can simply use flexible LED screens!

That is what they used to make this Mercedes-Benz vehicle almost invisible.

The invisibility cloak had its tryout this week on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. To make Q's idea of an invisible car real, Mercedes employed dozens of technicians and some $263,000 worth of flexible LED mats covering one side of the car. Using a camera mounted on the opposite side of the vehicle, the LEDs were programmed to reproduce the image from the camera at the right scale, blending the vehicle into the background from a few feet away. Doing so required power sources, computers and other gear totaling 1,100 lbs. of equipment inside the B-Class.
Not sure what this demo has got to do with promoting the "...  first production fuel-cell vehicle in Germany ... ", but ok......


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