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Monash's Chris is top of physics 19-07-2012

John Monash Science School student Chris Whittle is off to Estonia for the International Physics Olympiad. N52WG205

ALBERT Einstein, Thomas Young and James Watt are among the most memorable names from the history of physics.
If John Monash Science School student Chris Whittle has his way, he'll eventually be remembered in the same illustrious company.
Whittle, 18, has been selected in the Australian team for the International Physics Olympiad, running this month in Estonia.
The competition has brought together the brightest young scientific minds from across the globe, testing their ability to solve some of the universe's age-old mysteries.
"Some of the modern-day physics really excites me, like quantum mechanics," Whittle said.
"The thing with physics is that there are so many different areas.
"You can apply it to everyday situations and it's extremely useful to help people's understanding of how the world works."
Whittle, from Brighton East, earned his place in the team through a testing selection process that included summer schooling and a trip to India for the Asian Physics Olympiad.
"It's a challenge I really enjoyed taking up, because some of the questions we're asked can be very thought-provoking," he said.
The competition will run until July 24.
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