Selasa, 18 Juni 2013

Classroom Skepticism at AAPT Portland 2013

Despite the overlap of TAM2013 and AAPT SM2013, I will be conducting the Skepticism in the Classroom workshop in Portland.

W42: Skepticism in the Classroom - Sunday, July 14 - Portland State University - SRTC 247
(scrolling required)

There will be a variety of lessons, appropriate for the physics classroom, that focus on the skeptical and critical thinking nature of science. Some lessons involve obvious physics content; some bring in examples from the real world. Participants will leave with ready-to-use lessons and resources designed to bring healthy, scientific skepticism to their classrooms—lessons that slip into content-based instruction without disruption. Topics include fire walking, ghosts and angels, balance bracelets, pareidolia, back masking, media credulity, and more.

You'll laugh, you'll wince, and your jaw may fall a time or two. My initial take on NGSS is that there will be room for and demand for lessons like this in the physics (and other sciences) curriculum.

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