Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Infrared and thermoelectric power generation

On May 23 2013, the undergraduate students Yosyp Schwab, Harkirat Mannand Brian Lang presented new findings on radiative polaritons and thermoelectric and infrared power generation at the 91th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science,Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg (VA).  Here are the details of the two oral presentations:

Yosyp Schwab, H. S. Mann, and G. Scarel, “The signature of radiative polaritons: dielectric function and simulated spectra
Harkirat S. Mann, Y. Schwab, B. N. Lang, A.E. Masters, and G. Scarel, Fluctuations in thermoelectric and infrared power generation.

On the other hand, under an extremely high humidity (!!! see photo) on May 15 Dr. Scarel presented some of the latest results of the Group at the Fudan University, Department of Microelectronics; Shanghai (China).  The title of the talk was: Atomic layer deposited oxide films for infrared and nighttime solar cells”.

We hope to get more results during the summer!

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