Senin, 17 Juni 2013

PhyzFlop: My errant T-shirt design

AAPT is holding a T-shirt design contest for the Summer Meeting in Portland. So I thought I'd give it a go. The simple requirements were that the design must include

1) Some thing related to physics (literal or abstract)
2) The words "2013 AAPT Summer Meeting July 13-17, 2013"
3) BONUS: Something Portland, Oregon-related

Fair enough. I came up with something I liked, then checked the detailed requirements. They included that the design include no more than three colors. Ouch. Disqualified!

But I kinda like what I came up with and decided I'd make one for myself at Zazzle. I also departed from the requirement to double-down on references to "2013".

I posted it to my Zazzle store and will give you $5 if you find me at AAPT Portland while wearing a shirt with this design that you bought from my store at Zazzle. And I will add your name to this post! Yeah, I'm pretty sure crispy Abes are safe and sound.

Update: D-oh! Zazzle won't let me offer the shirt at my Zazzle store. I've offended their sensibilities somehow.

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