Selasa, 24 September 2013

Any Guesses For 2013 Nobel Prize In Physics?

As the leaves turn color (at least here in the higher latitude in the Northern Hemisphere), the thoughts of many physics academics and professionals turn to Sweden and guessing at who will win this year's Nobel Prize for physics.

The obvious front runner is anything related to the Higgs. It's confirmed discovery this year means that it will not be a surprise if the award goes to people related to it. Questions remains on how they will be honored, considering that only a maximum of three individuals can be awarded the prize at any given time. Will they honor the theorists and the experimentalists in separate years? After all, there are already at least 4 deserving theorists who could easily be given the honors for formulating the Higgs mechanism, and the number is even larger for leading the experimental discovery of the Higgs.

The outcome of this will be very interesting. Or maybe the Nobel committee will forgo awarding the prize for the Higgs another year, and go with some other discovery in physics. That will be a fascinating surprise in itself!



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