Senin, 16 September 2013

Extra Credit: Voyager in the news - September 12, 2013

I offered this assignment to students so inclined last week.

CTT.1 (Credit Toward Unit Tests)
Voyager in the News: September 12, 2013 +
A news item on NPR (National Public Radio) mentioned that NASA’s Voyager spacecraft is now 17 light-hours from Earth.
Page 1: Questions
1. What is NASA’s Voyager?
2. Why was Voyager in the news on this day?
3. What did Voyager do sometime during the year prior to this news item?
Page 2: Problems (Work must be shown; use ERSA where appropriate)
1. How far is 17 light-hours a. in meters? b. in miles?
2. As of the news date, what was Voyager’s average speed since being launched
a. in m/s? b. in mph?
Page 3: Evidence of Research
Cite at least five serious references: “Article Title”, Information Source, Date, URL
Submit as an electronic document to no later than 11:59pm 9/22/13.
Preferred format: Presentation (Google Presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote)
Acceptable formats: Google Document, Microsoft Word
Reward: 15-30 points CTT (Meets criteria: 15 pts. Meets criteria and is awesome: 30 pts.)
No awesome response would fail to mention the blockbuster movie that Voyager had a starring role in.

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