Rabu, 04 September 2013

Making a University of Texas Homework Account

Please go to this link and start an online homework account. Click on "get started" and then choose "I need a UT EID". In the next window choose "get a UT EID". After you submit your information it will send your ID code to your email account. With this code you will will sign in to my class and start the first assignment. You may proceed to sign in now or bring your EID code and password on Wednesday. On Friday we will log in as a class, I will start accepting your enrollment and we will start the first assignment.

This is how to sign in:
Return to the link above and log in.
You will then need to select a class based on a unique number. For Physics the unique number is 2232013. Enter the number and then select look up course info. Scroll down by clicking the arrow on the window that appears through the many other classes designated with that unique number until you find Physics (Grant High school 2013 Fall). It will probably be the only one. Select it and then select request enrollment.

I will have to admit you into the class. The next time you log in, after I admit you, you will be able to use the "select course" and "select assignent" windows to start the Kinematics homework.

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