Senin, 23 September 2013

Physics 30 - Sept 23

We finished unit 1 today by looking at a free fall problem, example 14 from your notes.  These are problems that use the constant acceleration of gravity to solve.  After that, students then worked on Assignment 1.7.

Tomorrow is our first in class assignment.  To prepare, make sure you know how to do Assignments 1.1-1.6.  As well, we are going to have our first lab quiz on Wednesday, Sept 25.  To prepare, make sure you got the check mark for the lab report on Lab 1.2 and then study the analysis and conclusion portions of your lab report.

We will be starting the second unit next week on Monday.  I will not be photocopying the notes handouts for you. If you want the notes handout, you have to print them off yourself from the class folder in the links.  I will photocopy assignment handouts for you to pick up.

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