Selasa, 03 September 2013

Unit 1 - Kinematics in 1 dimension

1. Know and apply the definition for average velocity.
2. Know and apply the definition for average acceleration.
3. Differentiate instantaneous and average velocity.
4. Interpret graphs of position, velocity and acceleration, including through the use of slopes and the area under the graph.
5. Draw position, velocity and acceleration graphs for described motion.
6. Know the acceleration due to gravity.
7. Solve problems by using 5 basic mechanics equations.
8. Properly use sign conventions for positive and negative acceleration and velocity.
9. Describe sources of error as either random or systematic and suggest basic ways of reducing error such as controlling variables, doing multiple trials, collecting data over a wide range and using big sample sizes.

Homework:                             Due Date
Letter to Teacher                      Mon, 9/9
Lab 1 data presentation            Thurs/Fri, 9/12-13
Lab 1 report                             TuesWed , 9/17-18
First Quest hmwk assignment   Mon. 9/23
Second Quest hmwk assig       Sun. 9/29
Unit Test                                  Tues/Wed 10/1-2

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