Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

Is There A Link Between Intelligence And Entropy?

It's an interesting question, and there are certainly models that point to such a link. The latest one is a very clear example the strong possibility that intelligence can be linked to entropy.

Entropy measures the number of internal arrangements of a system that
result in the same outward appearance. Entropy rises because, for
statistical reasons, a system evolves toward states that have many
internal arrangements. A variety of previous research has provided “lots
of hints that there’s some sort of association between intelligence and
entropy maximization,” says Alex Wissner-Gross of Harvard University
and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). On the grandest
scale, for example, theorists have argued that choosing possible
universes that create the most entropy favors cosmological models that
allow the emergence of intelligent observers.

This, I think, would give some degree of a quantitative description of intelligence, a characteristics that so far defy such a clear description. And yes, I'm discounting the silly IQ test as a measure of intelligence. Linking it to a concept in physics allows for a more definite foundation to define and measure intelligence.

Will be fascinating to see how far this will lead.


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