Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Physics 20 - Oct 16

Today we continued looking at images in curved mirrors.  In Period 2, we started looking at ray diagrams for curved mirrors.  After the diagram for concave mirrors was completed, then the rest of the class was spent on doing Homework 2.6 as well as Assignment 2.3.  Homework 2.6 will be checked tomorrow.  Assignment 2.3 will not be due until Friday.  Tomorrow we will look at convex mirrors and how ray diagrams differ for them.  Then we will work on Assignment 2.4.

In Period 4, we finished ray diagrams with convex mirrors and then students worked on Assignments 2.3 and 2.4 for the remainder of the class.  These assignments will be due tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will look at the mathematical approach to finding the image and Homework 2.6 will be assigned.

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