Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

Physics 30 - Oct 28

In Period 1 today, we looked at Newton's Third Law of Motion and took up some examples related with it.  Assignment 3.3 was given with 10 minutes left in class and will be taken up tomorrow. Tomorrow we will look at the force of gravity and the normal force.

In Period 5 today, we are one class ahead of Period 1 and learned about weight and the normal force. A reminder that weight is NOT the same as mass.  Weight is another way of saying the force of gravity.  The concept of the apparent weight was also covered today.  Students are going to become familiar with the dreaded elevator question.  Make sure you know how to do problem #20 on page 100 in the textbook.  Assignment 3.4 was given at the end of the class and you will get a work period tomorrow to work on this.

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