Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

US Particle Physics Community Plans For The Future

As the US govt. starts its shutdown due to the US Congress's lack of ability to do the work they were elected to do (how come we don't dock their pay when they can't come up with a budget on time?), we have a report on the last "Snomass on the Mississippi" workshop by US Particle Physicists in prioritizing the different projects that US particle physicists should be involved in. It is a rather challenging task considering the severe budget cuts and constraints being put on science funding in the US as a whole, and on high energy physics in particular.

As stated at the end of the article, the US has lost its "leader" status in high energy physics. That's gone, and if the ILC is built in Japan, and funding continues to be dismal due to the political bickering by the dimwit politicians, then I don't see it coming back. I do not see the LBNE, even if it is built to its original specifications, getting the same global interest and status as the LHC and the ILC, certainly not in the public's eye.


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