Sabtu, 30 November 2013

Physics 30 - Nov 29

We began our fourth unit today on work, energy, and momentum.  Describing motion through energy and energy transfer is a type of physics called Hamiltonian mechanics.  Momentum is another quantity used to describe motion and it appears in this unit because, like energy, there is a conservation law that governs the amount of momentum that an object can have.

We started off today with a discussion on work and what it is.  In its most general sense, work is defined as energy transfer from one object to another.  However in physics it is given a definition more fitting for physics - the product of a force and the displacement an object is moved by that force.  We covered some intricacies of the definition of work (slides 1-9) and then we had time to work on Assignment 4.1.  We will take this up on Monday.

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